Knight Age: Open Beta Date Announced

Mounted combat seems all the rage these days. If you’re looking for something cuter than LoTRO, Joymax is offering up Knight Age, what they call a fantasy riding MMORPG. It’s been in closed beta, but the doors will open to anyone on August 28th. Collect different mounts, each with unique abilities, raise pets, participate in pvp. And win prizes! I’m all for winning prizes while playing games. They’re offering up events with prizes from free silks to laptops. Don’t ask me what a free silk is, though! There is also more great news for open beta players – there will be no wipe. Everyone can keep their open beta characters when the game goes live.

Click the little button below for more details on what the open beta brings.

I’m generally a fan of providing direct links to everything I can, but sadly their website doesn’t seem to have multiple pages, so all I can do is provide theĀ Official Knight Age page, and the Knight Age Facebook. They do allow early downloading, however, so if this game piques your interest, you’ll be able to set everything up before the server doors open! More games should do that.

  • Colossal PVP System: Pitting 50 allied knights against 50 opposing knights
  • Battle for Excalibur: Players fight against 100 players for the legendary sword
  • New addition of Pupae and mounts
  • New addition of dungeons
  • Several events with prizes varying from free silks to free laptops

Not all of the details have been provided as yet, however from what I was able to glean on their webpage, the events will be brain teasers, captioning pictures, and speed quizzes. For more information, visit Official Knight Age page, Knight Age Facebook, or theĀ Knight Age Twitter.


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