LEGO Turns 50!

For many of us, our childhood toys bring back great memories. Some of us have fond memories of Transformers, GI Joes, or even Mr. Potato Head, but one toy that was universal, boy or girl, was the LEGO block. Today, the LEGO turns 50! Read about the history of the block here. So why is this article here? Well in 2008, LEGO Universe will go online (supposedly), marking an interesting turn for the ubiquitous plastic block. For the past few years, LEGO has made the jump from reality to virtual reality, going from block to video game, and now to MMO. Here is a small description from their forums:

Imagine living in a LEGO universe as a minifig where you can meet your friends, build together with virtual LEGO bricks, bring those creations to life, be a part of an ongoing game adventure and moreā€¦

I have to say, that although Second Life never appealed to me, LEGO Universe does. Freedom building whatever you want out of LEGO is a fantasy to many I am sure, and with this game that fantasy will come alive. Unlike Second Life though, this MMO wants to be a game, and if it includes anything like the Star Wars or upcoming Indiana Jones LEGO games, then I feel this MMO can be a true success. Details are scarce about the game right now, so as things get revealed, look for some updates.