Lego Universe Goes Free-to-Play

Today the new Free-to-Play option for Lego Universe has launched giving players access to the first two zones for an unlimited amount of time.  Free players will also get access to the following features:

• Create and customize your own LEGO Universe hero
• Collect up to 10,000 coins
• Earn U-Score to level up
• Explore the Starship Venture Explorer
• Explore Avant Gardens
• Join the Nexus Force
• Sample powerful Faction Gear
• Play the Survival mini-game
• Battle the Spider Queen
• Build and bring your creations to life on your own Block Yard Property
• Visit thousands of other players’ Properties
• Buy and collect cool gear and useful items

Lego Universe currently doesn’t not have an item shop and is still supported by monthly subscriptions, so if you want access to the full game you’ll still need to sign up.