Lineage 2: Glory Days Teaser Site Now Open

Ahh, Lineage 2. This game has always held a certain piece of my heart, and I continue to be glad to see it still in production after all this time. It’s gone f2p, but that hasn’t stopped it from continuing on! The next game update, Glory Days, has yet to have a final date of launch announced, but NCSoft just turned on the teaser/information site for viewing.

There are many new additions and changes to the game on their way! Hit the jump for more details.

  • New Zones and Bosses! Visit the Isle of Souls and Nornil’s Cave for solo or small party play. Nornil’s Garden is a new daily raid for characters level 93 and above. Pagan’s Temple is geared for characters of level 98 and above, set up for solo play as well as groups of up to 7. It also contains a level 99 raid boss. Many existing raids and bosses have also been adjusted.
  • Character Adjustments and Improvements! Dual class and subclasses can be reset, to make room for new skill additions. Vitality has been changed from account to per character, and fewer vitality points are consumed in solo or small party play. The reputation and PK systems have been revamped to protect players from abusive PKing. About time, too! I’ve been playing this again, and the same PK exploits that were in at launch are still there.
  • Clan Wars! Clans that are level 5 can now declare war on up to 30 other clans at a time.
  • Competitions! The Ceremony of Chaos has been tweaked to remove all traces of identifying features, to allow for full anonymity in battle.  The wait time has been reduced, and new items have been introduced. The Olympiad has gained significant buffs to its rewards.

The full patch notes have been posted, however it is emphasized that these are preliminary as testing has not yet been completed.

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