Loong: The Power of the Dragon – Trailer Released

Loong: The Power of the Dragon is a fantastic looking MMO that was released in China this year.  It has achieved great success with over 40 million players and is now making its way to North America.

Loong features stunning visuals and a massive world where stylized armor and weapons, as well as fantastic magic spells and landscapes combine to immerse the player in mythology-rich universe.   Large battles with combat between over 500 players at a time are vibrantly colored and impressive.  They definitely set this game up to be described as being in a class of its own.

The game cost approximately ten million dollars (US) to develop and the result is a world set in ancient China that has captivated players since January of 2010.  Exciting journeys take adventurers into dangerous ruined castles, through giant seething deserts and along winding paths through steaming jungles.

These visual settings are sure to make the more than a thousand quests, hundreds of vanity pets, and ability to swim provide excitement in the exploration and combat of the game.