Lord of the Rings Online F2P Finally Arrives to Europe

At last, after a lot of time waiting, players in Europe can enjoy the new free-to-play Lord of the Rings Online. Codemasters delayed the release due to some contractual issues, as they stated on the LOTRO EU forums not long ago, but now the game is available for download from yesterday, November 2, for the joy of all Europe LOTRO fans.

It wasn’t fair, though maybe it was inevitable, having all Europe players waiting, while the US version was alive and kicking way before. Some players even changed to the US version, tired of waiting. This issue was important, we’re talking about Middle Earth, Tolkien’s creation, in a digital version for players to explore and live in. Though this is only a game, Lord of the Rings is such an universal theme, that I think it should have been treated a different way. US and EU MMO markets are very important. Every major MMO should launch at the same time in what is considered the western market: United States of America and Europe.

The storm has passed, though. All this drama comes to a happy end, now that Europe has its own F2P LOTRO version. It was about time.


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