Lord of the Rings Online: Welcome Back Weekend

Starting tomorrow until May 12th players who have left LOTRO will have the ability to come back for free for during these 4 days. LOTRO has changed quite a bit since it first was released and Turbine is looking to boost it’s subscriber numbers by giving players the opportunity to take another look at the game. This come only 8 days before Age of Conan is set to be released, so maybe Turbine is trying to snag any borderline players before the game is released.

I myself rejoined back in Feb after a 6 month hiatus and signed up for 3 months, however I again lost interest in the game after a month of playing and haven’t been back since early March. Since its a free weekend, I’ll probably hop on for a bit, but I doubt I’ll signup again. I’m going to hold out for AoC.

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  1. Agreed…
    Now, I have not logged back in for this special weekend yet…and all I remember is just how I had so many issues with the decisions made for this game, that it has been hard for me to think it may hold me..

    We will see…fishing, housing and appearance system all sound good so far

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