Lore Hound LiveCast: Open Q&A, Discussions + More!

Due to popular demand of video discussions, I have taken it upon myself to have a monthly community event of sorts.

On Saturday, December 4th at 2:00 PM PST (5:00 PM EST), I, and some special guest(s) will be on camera, for two hours. Just for you readers! Those in attendance loved my Wednesday live stream of the updated dungeons and the banter between us hosting, that I decided “Why not go on camera and have more banter?”

This is a new regular event that I will focus on. It being new, I would like comments on how you liked it (after, of course) and what you would like to see in the future. As of now, it is a work-in-progress to find that specific “niche” way to do it. What we will do is essentially introduce ourselves, discuss a few items on our hidden agenda, and then leave it open to the public.

You could use it simply to say thanks for the site, suggest things you would like to see happen (on camera or the site!), ask about what’s planned, or simply to find some way for us to begin “discussing” lore or other MMO/gaming topics until we’re blue in the face.

Warning: Content could be NSFW (not safe for work…or children, adults, seniors citizens, zombies, spacegoats, witches / wizards, warlocks, monks, or elves. In fact, it might be safe to just not listen to us — but watch)

The content is really up to the viewers to decide what they want from us, and what to talk about. Seriously. If you want me to jump up and down, while patting my head and rubbing my stomach, I’ll do it (Ed’s. Note: Make him do it every five minutes).

Hope to see many of you there, Lore Hounds!


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