Lore Hound MMOcast 14: Betas are Underhanded Demos


Join iTZKooPA, Amatera, and Juggynaut as they discuss the latest news in the MMOG world. Topics for the week include:

  • League of Legends Season One Is Upon Us
  • Fallen Earth July State of the Game
  • Jagex, the creator of RuneScape, announced Stellar Dawn, a browser-based sci-fi MMOG. Closed beta apps now accepted. 2011 release date, no details announced.
  • Star Trek Online Season Two previewed
  • Rumor” has it that STO is going to join DDO and LotRO in going from premium to free-to-play.
  • CCP, EVE Online developer, doesn’t mind if Dust 514 has an anemic launch.
  • APB overhauling key aspects of “action” gameplay.
  • Discussion (inspired by KIASA): When in beta or alpha, do you believe the developers actually heed many community concerns? What about after the game goes live?

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  1. The World Ends With You is still my favorite DS game of all time. Do you have the partner UI on?

  2. About 15 minutes before listening to this, I got invited to participate in SCII Beta testing, although it’s a week before it launches :(

    If STO goes F2P Hybrid, I will for sure start playing it. Again, most of these MMOs aren’t showing me much that I’d enjoy more than what WoW offers to make me switch me to play. Call it closed-minded, but it’s there.

    APB was fun creating, and the first few hours, but I just got bored of doing nothing but just going and shooting each other. The combat was very screwy and clunky. The core of the gameplay was not worth the paying to play.

    As you guys have said, it is a sad fact of the industry that they cannot allocate the time to fix things, or certain things are pushed back or never implemented. Blizzard, and other companies, are smart. They’ve lasted so long compared to other MMOs because they see what made other companies fail and “bankrupt”. I’m not sure of other companies, but as of recent, Blizzard did listen to their player base on the real id ‘scandal’.

    It really comes down to the personality of the company, developers, and publishers.

  3. Dunno why guys, but I’ve had the built in media player for the podcast fire off twice, on its own, without me doing anything. I’m running Chrome, so it might be a compatibility issue. It’s damned freaky though… haven’t touched the machine for at least 15 minutes when, all of a sudden, it starts talking.

    Just FYI.

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