Lore Hound WoWcast 16: Hubble Bubble


Juggynaut, Heartbourne, and pixiestixy get together to discuss the latest news in WoW. Topics covered in this week’s podcast include:
  • Felicia Day reveals her character. Heartbourne has raided with her!
  • New Streaming Cataclysm client!
  • New Beta Models!
  • Stormwind Stockades – Hogger is a Boss!
  • Paragon of Epicosity patrols the Maelstorm!
  • Reforging allows you to swap 40% of any secondary stat for another!

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  1. Hey All! Great WoWCast!

    Couple of things, I have beta access which is lovely BTW, regarding the streaming client, that is an awesome addition because the beta download is 15.5Gb!! And to let you play after downloading only 5% is awesome. I have only gone into one dungeon, Blackrock Caverns on my main, and levelled a Worgen a bit, but I have not noticed any realy issues, I’m only at 30% downloaded too!!

    Finally, Pixiestixy, I don’t think you need to be rushing Loremaster, I’m doing the same but stopped because when I looked at the Achievements screen when I logged into the Beta, the original Loremaster was still there, with the same requirements, and a new “Loremaster of Cataclysm” achievement added, which had sub-ach’s for doing 100 quests in each of the new zones, which do not count toward Kalimdor/EK quest count. I HOPE THEY EMPLOY THIS because I don’t wanna quest anymore….tired!

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