Lore Hound WoWcast Episode 12: Longer Does Not Mean Better



Join Juggynaut, pixiestixy, and Amatera as they discuss the latest WoW news. Topics include:

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  1. Sadly I did not get a beta key = (sad for me. Blizzard doesn’t give out beta keys to someone who doesn’t subscribe anymore go figure =). Gear score is a double edged sword for sure, I kind of wish blizzard would have made an I-level 300 shirt that would have been funny. I am taking a break from wow so I have not been in Ruby Sanctum (probably won’t ever go back) but cata is getting my hunger for the WoW beats again. I almost want to play a worgen they look really cool, not so interested in goblins; but I have been in about 100+ vent convos that have talked about goblins being a playable character so I know allot of people will love that. I have went to allot of different guilds and I never seen a dirty picture = (. just heard that in the pod cast thought I would comment on it. I was thinking worgen rouge but with the new race classes I don’t know it adds so much more, I am really getting excited about cata.

  2. You were right on with what change happened to GS to request from the server (click on the character). With addon writing, it’s LOVELY to have heads-up like these because when something goes wrong in an addon, and you weren’t told what.. it takes ages to go through all the code to correct the actual problem.

    I refer to the “BC Method” for raids coming out. Where you have 2 per patch with around 3-5 bosses.

    The “Bitch” one, is in context, so it works.

    My favorite Female Goblin /silly is “When in doubt, blow it up.” Mythbusters reference. Many have said though, it would be better if it was “When in doubt, seaforium.” That’s closer.

    I didn’t get Beta yet :( (for Cataclysm).

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