Lore Life Lesson #2 – Stick To The Plan

Hello once again my MMO fanatics. Hopefully my last life lesson gave you a few things to think about. I can say without a doubt that it was fun to write. So let’s continue this semi one-way conversation about the life lessons that your favorite MMO might be teaching you.

It’s time for the second Lore Life Lesson and I must admit, you might think it goes without saying, but hey that’s what blogs are for: for saying stuff. Hopefully this series will say some important stuff, and maybe some fun stuff, too. So without further ado, here’s the next Lore Life Lesson.

Lore Life Lesson Number Two – Stick To The Plan

Sure it would seem obvious: #1 Have a plan, #2 Stick to the plan. Well, many of us have been there at that moment. When, after hours of planning and setting up a raid or run or roll, someone (of mild influence, either a guildie girl/boyfriend, class leader or gamemaster) decided to change the strat on the upcoming mob, boss or what-the-heck-ever.

Super annoying.

Usually it is (50-98% of the time) a complete waste of time and (virtual) resources. Then, after the ensuing wipes and ‘N00b‘ calling, the original plan is suggested again (usually by the same mildly influential person). The plan is picked up again, followed and huzzah loot-a-plenty.

Have you ever had to make a decision in real life by committee? Where ten+ people are deciding the fate of some series of circumstances? A decision that will cement a plan of action that is ‘guaranteed’ to work but somewhere along the way the plan doesn’t get followed? Like failing to make sure that worker safety concerns are heard and up-to-date containment procedures are put in place before something blows up — right, BP? Oops, a little real-life bleed through there. Just another case where the plan told to some wasn’t the plan at all.

Well, when push comes to shove about why the plan wasn’t followed, some of the people point fingers (“The mage pulled aggro”), acquiesce to fear (the famous WoW AV strat), or pretend it didn’t happen (“I know nothing“).

The point is that a plan made and not followed is the same as a plan never made.

The only way a plan can be tested is for it to be implemented and carried out. All that can be done must be done to execute the plan, rather than just tossing it.

So when you have a plan, stick to it. And when it works, fantastic. When it doesn’t… well I’ll have more to say on that later.

Have fun, take care and stick to the plan.


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  1. Last night my guild finally progressed to Professor Putricide. (We just started actual guild progression about last week)

    After 4 wipes of one strat, we got closer and closer to downing him. Our 4th attempt we got him down ~ 5% when we wiped. After that the RL/GM wanted to try a different strategy and made the raid vote on it.

    Unanimously the raid decided against it because of the thought process “Why change what we’re doing when it’s actually working and getting better?”.

    Needless to say, after some unlucky events we wiped a bit more, but on our 11th attempt, we downed him.

    Then we 2-shot Dreamwalker :D

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