Lore Life Lesson #3 – Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

Hello all and welcome once again to Lore Life Lessons with SaintGermain. I gotta tell ya, life is full of lessons. If the past few weeks hasn’t taught you something about life, then you probably have been head-down in your favorite MMO, going after some epic loot. So strap in and listen up for the next installment of Lore Life Lessons.

This Lore Life Lesson is the caveat to the first two Lore Life Lessons. While those two are important, in life and in any MMO, this is usually what happens:

Lore Life Lesson Number Three – Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.

Yes, when the excrement abruptly impacts upon the bladed oscillating air current distribution device, some run and hide; some are caught in the spray; and the few, dare I say the proud, chant this phrase as their mantra. I heard that this phrase even evolved from the fact that a certain group of people were given hand-me-down gear of very low quality and poor supply. Sounds pretty similar to the n00b raider wanting epic loot — only to receive 4 DKP for showing up.

In life, sometimes you have a plan, and sometimes you stick to it, and sometimes it all goes to (insert the most annoying location you can think). When those moments happen, just remember: Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.

While the situation may seem lost, with the right attitude you can prevail, in your fav MMO and in real life.



  1. Asking here because I’ve got nowhere else to ask….

    Where are the open forums?

    Lorehound talks about a diverse set of games. Much more than the old, dead ProjectLore. Without a way for these disparate elements to find a “home”, you are lost. I think you guys are looking to form a common community, but that will be flawed until the “”common community” has a place to yack.

    Please, give us a forum where we can yack about whatever shit. Please.

  2. The reason there are not forums is because at this point there really is not a big enough following to fill them. I am sure there may be one in the future, however.

  3. There are a fair number of reasons why we don’t have forums yet, but as far as I know, we would like to implement them in the future. So, to quote Blizzard, “soon.”

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