Lorecast Episode 28: Belated Pre-Thanksgiving Soft-Handed BlOps/Cataclysm Extravaganza!

How can something be both belated and timely? When there’s a holiday involved, of course! The latest episode of the Lorecast is coming ‘atcha a little later than normal, but that’s because it’s making up for the lack of one being recorded this week (due to Thanksgiving shenanigans for us Americans, of course).

We discuss, as always, the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion and — more specifically — the impending patch which will flip the switch on The Shattering! Make sure to listen to my impressions of the new Troll starting area! Episode 28 also marks the return of a voice you may have missed since we merged podcasts: Pixiestixy! So please, come join us for some girl time as we sit in rocking chairs around the fire, knitting baby blankets with oversized needles, and crow about the latest news in the world of MMORPGS and whatever baked goods we’ve produced most recently.

So, listen to it now, or (if you’re from the United States) save it for that car/train/airplane trip home later this week! As a bit of extra incentive for doing so, we have some beta keys for Rifts: Planes of Telara, and somewhere in the podcast, we tell you how you can score one! Show notes are after the break.


Lorecast Episode 28 Show Notes — 11/18/10

Whatcha Been Playin?

Amatera: World of Warcraft, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Dance Dance Revolution
iTZKooPA: Call of Duty: Black Ops, World of Warcraft
pixiestixy: WoW, Tichu for the iphone/ipad

World of Warcraft News

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