LoreFlix: Diablo 3 Rap

The following video has some NSFW language.

Dan Bull, author and performer of many video game raps on his YouTube channel, has a brilliant song about Diablo III. It’s got a sick beat with a remix of Diablo 3 music and clever lyrics. Check it out below:

This song stands out to me for several reasons. Performing partially as Deckard Cain and partially as himself, the vocals are on point. The inflections and rhythm are on quality with professional voice actors and musical artists. He covers the in-game perspective and the meta-game┬ásimultaneously – giving advice about demons and his studies while also talking about the different classes. He has very much earned a spot in my subscribed channel list and I hope he continues to produce songs of this caliber.



  1. I’m new to Diablo, didn’t play the previous games but i love Diablo 3. It’s awesome, that said i heard about a secret pony level that Blizzard hid in the game. I did a little research but it’s still not clear to me how to get the Staff to access the pony world. Can anyone give me the requirements?

  2. lol Thanks for sharing the vid.

    You need to get a few very rare item drops and the pattern for the staff to open the portal to the unicorn land of awesomeness.
    I dont remember where all the items are. The pattern you get from Izual, i happened to get that today on my first hardcore kill of the guy. haha

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