LoreFlix: Rolling With Mad Deeps

If you as big a fan of Rolling in the Deep as I am, this parody probably strikes a chord. The struggle of not downing a boss pierces the soul as much as Adele’s voice.

If you are into showtunes and rolling with mad deeps, join us on Proudmooore! Xander (the singer on this track) is, like me, a proud Proudmoorian, albeit on Alliance side.


  1. Thanx for the mention :-) Stoked people like it!!! Just FYI though:

    1) I also play Horde <3
    2) I also use Recount <3 Skada just sounded better lyrically speaking.

    Xander (aka Xerberus)

    PS: I only wrote the song. :-) Patrick "Airielle" Dennen sang it. Just wanna make sure mah boy gets props. <3

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