Loreflix: Winter Veil, Christmas, and Holiday Edition

Yesterday, we presented you with Greatfather Winter, my holiday favorite. After some contemplation, I realized there are lots of great WoW holiday songs. You still have a day to burn an annoying CD to play while opening presents with the family, so consider adding these classics:

1. Hark the Wrathbabies by Totalbiscuit

Think the “wrathbabies” who played during an easy expansion are going to be overwhelmed by Cataclysm raid content?Enjoy the throwback to TBC and vanilla WoW days that the difficult Cataclysm content gives you? Play this song on loop for a few hours.

2. All I Want for Christmas is a Blue by Theavatards

Sick of losing rolls on your dungeon gear? I think you’ve find your new theme song.

More after the break!

3. Christmas Time in Dun Morogh by Pure Pwnage

Miss the pre-Cataclysm leveling experience? Of course you don’t. This video still makes me fondly recall by first few levels.


This is an oldie, but a goodie. Blizzard themselves produced a version of the twelve days of Christmas, the 12 days of Starcraft some years ago.

Some of the units might be a little foreign if you are a new Starcraft player, but I believe all of the units were in the Starcraft 2 campaign, except for the arbiters.

Do you have any MMO/Blizzard themed favorites for the holidays?


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