LoreHound Crier: The Week in a Glance

Another week has come and gone … it seems like time flies much more quickly since I started writing these weekly summaries! And what a week this has been, not only has TERA launched, but there was some excitement as a long-rumored Elder Scrolls MMORPG was announced. For years, Bethesda has been denying there will ever be a TES MMO, but it seems the temptation was too sweet to pass up and we shall soon have one! I’m of mixed minds about it, I’ll admit. Several years ago I would have jumped in excitement, but I haven’t enjoyed any of the Elder Scrolls games since Morrowind so the prospect of an MMO based on the current state of the series leaves me somewhat uninterested. But I’ll definitely be watching in case I’m surprised.

I was reflecting last week that we were in a sort of golden age of gaming, the announcement of a TES MMORPG seems to continue that trend. Guild Wars 2, The Elder Scrolls, Diablo 3, Torchlight 2 … a lot of heavy hitting franchises are on the horizon. I’m wondering, will we be seeing more announcements for MMORPGs and sequels for other games? Personally, I’d love to hear there was a Yakuza MMO in the works, although I suspect I’m doomed to disappointment there. But next week my enthusiasm will return – keep an eye out, I’ll be reporting on The Secret World‘s first public beta weekend! And on with the show!

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