LoreHound Crier: Week 7/13 At a Glance

It’s been a busy week! The Secret World continues to keep me entertained, as can no doubt be seen in all the blurbs I put up about it. Next week I’ll be putting up the second and final section of my review, as well as starting a weekly TSW-related article. I’ve flopped around on it so much, but I think I’ve finally decided what I’ll be focusing on! Huzzah! So stay tuned for that, if you like reading what I have to say or The Secret World. Or both. I’m good if you like both of these things. I may even do two, if there’s enough interest.

This week brought more SMITE divine lore, tons of interesting things for The Secret World, musings on stocks and CEOs, as well as a contest, a giveaway, and some interesting opinions! Click the button below to check it all out!

  • There was a great The Secret World developer live stream that ended just a few minutes ago. I wish I’d thought about recording it, but if someone puts up a transcript somewhere, I’ll be sure to come back and update with a link.
  • I found a fantastic fansite that is having a The Secret World retail key giveaway! There’s still plenty of time to enter if you’re a subscriber and want to give a copy to a friend. If you want it sooner, or don’t win, never fear! It’s on sale at Amazon. But even if you’re interested in the contest, that site really is worth a look.
  • Ragnar posted a State of the Game regarding upcoming plans and content additions for The Secret World. It sounds exciting! There is also an official announcement on the main Funcom page with more information. I also gave some details on the recent 1.0.1 update.
  • Those with stock interest may have been alarmed at plummeting Funcom stock. I’m not overly concerned about it however. Stocks usually take a dive when there is a change of the guard, and launch day was the date CEO Trond Arne Aas stepped down.
  • On the World of Warcraft front, Heartbourne gave some thoughts on the changes transmogrification will bring to the game. If I played, I’d definitely be loving this feature! Heartbourne also discoussed cross-realm play and its effect on griefing.
  • iTZKooPA brought more SMITEy deific discussions and told us about Ymir and Zeus.
  • Everybody loves giveaways! LoreHound teamed up with Gamania to bring some goodies for Soul Captor. A great head start for the game!
  • Perfect World announced the Rusty Hearts: Reborn launch date! It’s always exciting when large amounts of new content is brought to a game.
  • iTZKooPA reported on new mob type for Riders of Rohan, the upcoming expansion for the Lord of the Rings Online. I no longer play LoTRO, but I keep an eye on it out of nostalgia, so this was interesting to see.
  • If you’re playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, iTZKooPA brought news of the bribes for transferring. Cute pets! Who can resist?
  • Pessimism always seems part and parcel to MMORPGs. So it’s no surprise when someone declaresthe market is saturated. I disagree, and so did Mike.
  • Want some info on Guild Wars 2? iTZKooPA has you covered!
  • I have very fond memories of Phantasy Star and its various iterations. Clearly iTZKooPA shares that view as he celebrated the news that Phantasy Star Online 2 will be going global.
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