1. Ahh, I love the grizzly hills music, it really makes the zone seem so relaxing and peaceful.
    Which brings up a point I hadn’t thought about before, do you think with the remastering of the old zones they might record some new music? I love the music in the night elf zones for its nostalgia and relaxation, but having some high quality sound files with new compositions would be amazing.
    Having levelled in grizzly hills twice, I did know about the female worgen there, and I love this quest line. It’s great, the way you find out the village is made up of worgens, then escape with their captive to inform the NPCs of Amberpine Lodge/(I’m guessing)Conquest Hold. Really exciting and fun the first time round.

  2. Yeah, it really was a highlight to my questing in Grizzly Hills :)

    It also makes me wonder whether Blizzard will go in and update the models for the worgen we’ve seen in game up until now, both in the old world and in Grizzly Hills. They look SO different (especially the women) than the models now under development/testing. Will be interesting to see!

  3. I am considering Loremaster as well, but my 200 quests completed between Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms discourages me.

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