Loremaster Revelations: The Ease of Eastern Kingdoms

Some things in life are simply easier than others. Such was the case for finishing up Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms, at least compared to my plight on the other continent.

After several weeks of questing in Kalimdor and finally reaching a point of pause, I decided it was time for a change of pace. I was questioning whether to continue onward in Kalimdor or switch it up. I chose the latter. And it’s a good thing I did.

In Kalimdor, I had been desperate for even a single quest that wasn’t tied to the Scepter of the Shifting Sands lines, which require some heavy Brood of Nozdormu reputation grinding, at least initially (which I’ll save for another time, hoping I can get to it before the Cataclysm). Eastern Kingdoms was the opposite — A questing motherload.

Since my blood elf toon already had cleared out most of the very northern reaches of the continent around Silvermoon City, Eversong Woods and the Ghostlands while leveling, I opted to start this time in undead territory, in and around the Undercity. Brill, the Sepulcher and Tarren Mill each were loaded with questing goodness; while I arrived with a little less than half of the required 550 quests, that number shot up very quickly.

In Eastern Kingdoms, I found very few of the issues that had plagued my questing in Kalimdor; perhaps that was just the luck of the draw, but it certainly seemed like there were far fewer quest lines that were tied to other, unrelated ones or that were not yet available. When I exhausted those areas, I moved on to the Eastern and Western Plaguelands and had more zombie-killing fun, even partaking in some Stratholme and Scholomance runs.

When I had exhausted all that questing, it was time to dig just a bit. I ended up finishing off the run in Stranglethorn Vale and the Blasted Lands. My quest log was still full of more options when the shiny achievement popped across my screen — Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms.

In total, I spent less than a week’s worth of evenings playing the area. It was quick, fun and dirty and as I had hoped, I did indeed open up a few more Kalimdor quests along the way. I only had 20 more quests on the other continent to go, and I was refreshed after a week away, giddy knowing that it wouldn’t be long before I could complete Kalimdor and move on to Outland. It was time to go back…


  1. Agreed, im getting all the drama of doing these quests without actually having to do them! When u get the achievement itll feel like i got it too XD

  2. I gotta be honest when I say I Reeealy don’t see how it’s so hard for you. I got loremaster in a day and when I was done I still had a whole zone left full of quest’s. No offense but you might seriously wanna reevaluate just where and what zone you’ve quested in.

  3. during BC I did do alot of that content. Always liked doing quest’s when I was starting out (rewarding too). Had half the EK quests done and kalimdor was like 20% (and this was before they nerfed the amount needed).

    So yeah, I did your so called impossible. Wasn’t that hard either.

  4. I know a lot of people who have done Loremaster; I certainly don’t think it’s impossible. But it is time consuming, especially for someone like me who basically leveled through zones and never went back to do the quests that I missed. Plus, I have a limited amount of time to play :)

    @Reavi @Nemesis I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my rambling – “we” are closing in on the goal! :D

  5. Go Pixy, Go! It’s definitly doeable and once you’ve cleared EK, Kalimdor is much easier!

    @Nextgener, seriously? Can you at least offer SOME kind of criticism or did you get banned from the WoW forums? This is a great website and you have to come troll? Talk about re-evaluating your situation…

  6. @Nextgener. you completely broke my “Bullshit Detector” enough said.

    @Pixie go girl!. your alot further along than i am, so far i got LM or Northrend, Outlands. half way through EK, and havent started Kal yet.

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