Lucent Heart North American Release and Contest

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Gamania recently announced the impending North American launch of its ever-popular dating MMO: Lucent Heart.

Gamers in western MMOs have been finding ways to connect, hook up and pretty much just get jiggy in-game since the beginning, but the more romantic prospects of online gaming have never really been the focus of western game developers. However, thanks to some eastern game developers, the times they are a-changing, the most recent example being Lucent Heart.

Sometimes referred to as a dating simulator (or sim) Lucent Heart appears to be something more. Rather than just simulating romance as part of a larger, static storyline, it would seem that an integral part of the gameplay is to actually pursue romance with other player characters; eventually culminating in full-fledged in-game wedding ceremonies with invitations, wedding attire and the lot. But fear not, stalwart warriors, Lucent Heart also features plenty of RPG adventuring and (beautifully rendered) hack-n-slash for those times when you just aren’t feeling the love.

To kick off the launch, Gamania is holding a contest to find a new Lucent Heart Girl; a real live girl to represent the company in press coverage and live events, on top of winning $1,000 cash.

Lucent Heart will be accessible to all those with an account at beanfun!, Gamania’s online distribution portal.


  1. Hmm, I wonder what the player gender ratio will be like, and how many people will choose to play cross-gender characters… The mind boggles O.o

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