Mabinogi Previews Kingdom of Tara

Mabinogi has recently announced its second expansion, Goddess of Light. And today were talking a look into one of its biggest new features – the Kingdom of Tara. Tara is the capital of the Aliech Kingdom and as such it plays a much larger role than just being a “One stop shop.” With a full castle, shops for all needs, and an entire new cast of people waiting to meet you, Tara is almost a country unto itself. Many activities will line the streets of Tara. A hub for new Shadow Missions can be found, awaiting those that like the challenge of combat. For a more organized fight, though, Tara also includes Jousting, an all new system for doing battle with your friends and rivals. For those interested in playing the market, Tara will also be home to the Auction House, which will allow players to buy and sell with more convenience than ever before. More information on the Kingdom of Tara is coming soon.


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