Maple Story: Introducing The Dual Blade

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Its a good time to be a mapler.

Nexon recently released the new Dual Blade class for their side scrolling MMO; Maple Story.  This new class is a sub-class to the original thief profession that adds even more deadly skills to the thief’s arsenal.

In order to celebrate the launch of this new class, Nexon has organized a string of in game events for the players to experience and enjoy.  Nexon has also taken the liberty of putting select merchandise on sale in the cash shop, making players feel free to pimp out their new Dual Blade character.  Nexon is also going to be hosting some general summer time fun events where everyone has the chance to win some free stuff for your avatars!  Last and certainly not least is the release of new epic weapons that are available through a new “potential” system.

For a complete run down of the class, plus a skill list click here.