MapleStory: Cygnus Knights and Explorers Unite in Latest Update

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Veterans of MapleStory will be glad to hear that they have new options open to them with Nexon’s AfterShock update. Some notable features of the update include a revitalized guild system that addresses some of the glaring issues that players have brought to light. As a result, we can look forward to a more streamlined guild creation, recruiting, and management experience. In addition, Nexon has introduced an exciting new boss encounter in the form of the legendary Castle of Von Leon. Von Leon is a fearsome feline lieutenant — a Lion, to be specific — who answers only to the Black Mage himself. Challenge him in his mountain-top fortress, if you dare!

The most important feature of MapleStory’s latest update is the ability to create an Ultimate Explorer, who has the ability to skip the first 50 levels of play. The catch? You must have previously reached level 120 on a Cygnus Knight. A special alliance has been formed between the Knights and the Explorers, allowing this rare breed of advanced warriors to come into being. Finally, the Cygnus Knights themselves will enjoy new powers and skills, which should come in handy against that pesky red-maned cat.