Masthead Announces Earthrise Digital Release Date (Updated)

Finally, here it comes. Masthead Studios has just announced the Earthrise digital release date, and it’s going be next January February 4, 2011, for the joy of all sci-fi MMO fans who have been waiting eagerly for this game to come. The wait is not over, but almost. We hope Earthrise to be a good game and so Masthead does, as stated on the press release:

“The Masthead team is thrilled for the fans who have been following Earthrise closely to now be able to play the game that they have been so eagerly awaiting,” said Atanas Atanasov, producer of Earthrise and director of Masthead Studios.  “We have worked incredibly hard to make Earthrise the best sandbox MMORPG on the market, and we can’t wait for players to fully experience all of our hard work and become immersed in Enterra.”

As many of you know, Earthrise is the upcoming post-apocalyptic, sci-fi MMORPG set in the distance future, bringing an skill-based advancement, great PvP, player-driven economy and many more features through a sandbox-style.

These are some of the key features:

  • Unique sandbox environment, allowing players’ actions to influence the entire game world.
  • Distinctive, high-tech post-apocalyptic setting.
  • Sophisticated Player vs. Player (PvP) mechanics.
  • Dynamic third-person combat featuring dynamic targeting, customizable power armor and hundreds of high-tech weapons.
  • Deep crafting mechanics that allow players to design and manufacture unique items from blueprints and raw resources.
  • Friendly to casual players, with challenges designed for the hardcore audience.
  • Single, massive world. Earthrise will run on one server for players in all regions.

For more information, go to the official website of the game. If you’re game for it, get ready, cause now the Earthrise Digital Release Date has been announced… a playable thrilling future is about to come.

(Updated to fix release date)


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