Meet the City of Heroes Developers

Paragon Studios has made some announcements about its City of Heroes Meet & Greet events, as well as what the team will be doing at San Diego Comic-Con this year. A couple of months ago, it was announced that the studio would be making five appearances throughout the year, at which fans could meet the development team. One of these, at PAX East, has already passed, and the fifth appearance had not been announced yet because the players themselves were asked to give suggestions on where to go. As it turns out, they’re going to be gracing the New York Comic-Con in October, which brings me neatly to the next actual appearance they will be making: San Diego Comic-Con.

At SDCC, not only will there be a Paragon Studios Meet and Greet, City of Heroes will actually have a booth at the convention, with various activities. Included are a Ghoul Costume Code Giveaway – you get the code just for turning up at the booth and having an active CoH account, a Character Sketch competition – if you have a good screenshot of your character, you can submit it to the booth and it may be one of those randomly selected to be sketched by the game’s Art Lead, and Desdemona (a villain turned hero from the upcoming expansion) will be present to meet and take pictures with fans.

Finally, the actual SDCC Meet and Greet event has been folded into a Going Rogue (the aforementioned expansion) preview event at the Hard Rock Café, which will include a raffle with prizes from AMD, Alienware and Razer. For more information, including an RSVP address that you may want to email if you’re interested in the Hard Rock Café event, visit the official site.