MicroVolts Starts Taking Beta Applications

Sometimes the setting of a new game makes the difference between a game that you will wait to play, if at all, and so interesting you start to anticipate playing it. When first looking at Rock Hippo Production’s first MMOTPS (Third Person Shooter) MicroVolts, my first reaction was, “Oh, another shooter”, yet as I watched the trailer, browsed the website and looked at some of the in-game screenshots, it began to pique my interest.

MicroVolts comes across as a mixture of Call of Duty and Toy Story. It puts the player in the role of an animated children’s toy that wages war versus similar toys in the large-scale setting of Micro World. As you compete with other players for battery resources and, ultimately, world supremacy of Micro World, you can change the appearance of your “toy soldier” as well as upgrade its armor and weapons.

Offering fast-paced gameplay and a wide range of fully custumizable weapons and levels, MicroVolts gives players a third-person view over their character to make a game that is more fun to watch and, most importantly, more compelling to play. As you level up your character, players can access better armor and weapons while their stats are being tracked as in most online  FPS games.

Players will be able to choose from up to 4 different characters, seven different types of upgradeable weapons, and a wide variety of maps designed by Toy Concept to fully capture the “little toy in a  big world” experience.

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Canadian developer Rock Hippo Productions have opted to go with the free-to-play or “freemium” model for MicroVolts, offering cosmetic upgrades and most likely (this is unconfirmed) the ability to purchase more content as players advance in the game. Recently, Rock Hippo has begun taking applications for beta invites, so head on over to the MicroVolts website and sign up for a chance to get a head start on the action!

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