Takes Over MarkeeDragon's Virtual Market


In a surprise announcement, the largest free virtual market for buying, selling and trading MMO accounts,, has announced they are getting out of the virtual marketplace business, sort of., a leading auction site for virtual goods has acquired the MD forums, which are in the process of being transfered over.  No mention was made at what price the forums were sold for, but my guess is it was a lot.

In MD’s announcement Youtube video, he explains the move was so that they could try to legitimize the market over the next few years in the hopes that they could eventually make buying and selling MMO accounts not against the TOS agreements that most MMOs have today.  Quite a lofty goal if you ask me.

So what will become of MD?  Nothing has been announced yet, but they did say the new site will be launched sometime this week.  As for, it seems that this will catapult them to the top of the account selling market as the combination of the MD forums and their own member base will make them one of the largest, if not the largest virtual market place online to buy or sell wow accounts.

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