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Today we bring you an interview with a representative for Legend of Edda. So follow along with us and enjoy this MMOCrunch exclusive as well as six new exclusive screenshots  of Legend of Edda below.

MMOCrunch:  Can you give us an introduction into Legend of Edda?

Legend of Edda takes place after the great war of the Olympians and Titans known as the Heroic Age. Zeus, the god of all gods, overthrew Cronus and the titans and banished them to the deepest part of the underworld, Tartatus. The desperate Titans approached heroes, descendants of the gods, to overthrow Zeus and take over Olympus. In return, the Titans would honor the heroes with great powers. The Olympians approached the heroes for help as well with the promised of immortality and ascension as gods themselves. Now the heroes must decide to conquer with Titans or fight with the Olympians.

Legend of Edda focuses on the war between the Olympians and the Titans. After players decide on a faction, they will need to work together to annihilate and destroy the other faction.

MMOC: Legend of Edda has two factions — will there be any unique features of each side?

From the time players create their character, they will notice an immediate difference in the environment. The Olympus environment is bright and beautiful while the Titan environment is more dark and foreboding. The starting area, future town locations, safe zones will differ based on their side. During their journeys, players allied with the Titans will benefit in offensive power while siding with the Olympians will heighten their defense.

MMOC: Will players be able to take gear or items from people they beat in world PvP?

Yes, players will be able to loot the items of their victims in world PvP. However during group skirmishes, duels and the Sacred Treasure Wars, players will not be able to. This is a very sensitive aspect of the game and we will be spending a significant amount of time discussing and testing to verify that there is no imbalance.

MMOC: How viable will PvE be in this game? Will it have rewards equal to PvP, or is it more of an extra feature for PvP players?

PvE is definitely essential for players to succeed in the game. Through PvE, players strengthen and level their character, weapons, armor, pets, etc. There are also instance dungeons where players are challenged with difficult obstacles, monsters and bosses with great rewards. Numerous amounts of powerful items can only be acquired from these high-level quests and dungeon bosses, which makes PvE a vital part of game play in Legend of Edda.

MMOC: A big complaint about PvP in MMOs is that it relies on gear and items and not on skill. How much of a player’s PvP superiority in Legend of Edda will be based on their skill and experience?

Both skill and items will be necessary to dominate PvP and PvE in Legend of Edda. The game is designed so that players would need the right skill in order to acquire the top items in-game. Make no mistake, in Legend of Edda there is no simple “I Win” button. In addition to obtaining powerful armor and achieving higher character levels, players will need to use everything at their disposal in PvE to PvP from utilizing the environment to timing their skills.

MMOC: Can you give us a sneak peak into what one or two of the six available classes will be?

One of the more important classes in Legend of Edda is the Cleric. As the main support class, Clerics possess a large variety of support skills at their disposal from healing, enchanting, and strengthening other players. Uniquely, the Cleric will not need to rely on other players, this class will have extravagant abilities such as short range teleportation and offensive spells. The first Demi-God skill Clerics obtain is a magical shield that heals friendly units and encases them in a protective barrier.

MMOC: What are the Sacred Treasure Wars?

The Sacred Treasure Wars are intense RvR battles that occur between the two opposing factions. Players will go in an all out battle to obtain and secure the sacred treasure. These massive battles are taken place in areas specifically designed for these wars called Sacred Treasure Fields. The winning faction will be rewarded with Exp, Demi-God Points and unique global buffs.

MMOC: Will there be a crafting or upgrading system in place?

Not only is there an upgrading and crafting system in place but an enchanting system as well. With such a variety of systems, players can achieve their character’s full potential. Journeying through the mythical world of Legend of Edda, players can obtain necessary items to craft powerful weapons, armors, and functional items. After, powerful stones and mystical scrolls can be fused with the equipment to strengthen attack or defense and even enchant elemental properties.

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