MMORPG Subscription Numbers

I stumbled upon today while surfing the net and they have some very nice graphics showing many MMORPG stats such as subscription numbers, active players, genre along with a few others. So I thought it was interesting if I listed some of the stats here. All stats are up till Aug 2007.

World of Warcraft – 25% market share
Runescape – 16%
Second Life – 12%
Knight Online – 11%
GuildWars – 10%

Having recently played both LOTRO and EVE, I was surprised to see some low numbers. 290k for LOTRO and 175k for EVE as of August 07.

36 Million active MMORPG players combined

71.5% Fantasy
15.5% Sci-fi
3.0% Social
1.5% FPS
8.5% Other

Business Model
47% Pay to Play
49% Free to Play
4% Other


  1. i like it a lot. i did a synopsis myself on the data on my blog. i just find this data really cool to look at.

    i use to visit all the time. now that he feel off the planet it is nice to see someone take it over.

  2. The data on is completely skewed.
    For example they count WoW active payed subscriptions and compare them with Second Life registered users, meaning anyone who ever registered …
    If they would show registered users for WoW then WoW would also have many more subs.
    Anyway, just come to my site, where I do a serious effort to show unbiased numbers.

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