Moonlight Online – Details

IGG has released a set of new details about their vampire MMORPG, Moonlight Online. Players are able to choose between three races – Vampire, Warewolf and Human. Those three races were living peacefully until a fourth race – the demons – showed up and ruined the fun. Now, they are trying to eliminate the demons so that they can rebuild the lands that were destroyed. Vampires are best known with “speed, equilibrium and power;” while warewolves have strength, can go berserk and have sharp teeth. Humans are defenders with intelligence and courage. More information on the game, as well as a website, coming soon – stay tuned.


  1. idk…ive been looking around for a game like this for a while. i wonder if this will be a free one, or if it will cost something…since its IGG, it very well could be free. ive tried there other games, and those were free. i think it could have some promise, as long as they dont share the same graphics as there other games, i could never get over those and stick with one of the IGG games.

  2. one thing is for sure, its not going to be set in the dark ages.

    Look , the guy in the pic is wearing jeans. Lol
    Hope it is not a Twilight attempt, I would rather have sunlight causing weakness, than sunlight causing my character to sparkle like something from an Avon Magazine.

  3. *sigh* Why does everyone think that every new vampire book/movie/tv series/game is a twilight ripoff or copy?
    There is such a thing as vampires and werewolves in modern day fiction. Underworld anyone? Any countless number of Urban Fantasy books?

    And as far as I can tell, thats the moon behind him, not the sun. And since when did anything involving demons suddenly become a Twilight copy?!

  4. As long as it isn’t like Twilight. The fad is dying, so this is most likely about realistic, vicious vampires and werewolves.

    There may still be some squealy Twilight fangirls on it, though. Guess I’ll pwn ’em as a werewolf. *smirks*

  5. *sigh* this is game is mainly to Twilight fans but other people like werewolves and vampires to. I dont no if the skin will sparkles…^^ But i cant wait to find out!!! ^^

  6. NOOOOOO!!! YOU IDIOTS!!!! DON’T BE RETARDED!!!! We don’t want twilight! We want Underworld! Idiots! Idiots! Dammit. Would’ve been AWSOME if it was like Underworld or Dracula. If it was Vampires Vs. Werewolves Vs. Humans Vs. Demons, No alliances, AWSOME. Don’t make it twilight, make it dracula. Based in the 1800s…Please.

  7. I think it should be based off 30 days of night.
    that wold have a better because the vampires would have to hide in the shadows when daylight comes arownd or turn into dust.

  8. It would be awesome if in daylight/sunlight vampires would have some weaklings but in night/shadows some bonuses. Like plus speed or more hp for ex. Or less if it’s day. It would be stupid if night and day times wont effect them. And please IGG, DON’T MAKE THEM SHINE IN DAYLIGHT! LOL!

  9. I played 2029 online (for some time) and ToF from IGG and i really hope that they do a better job on this game then they had on those, mainly with support problems the GMs never seem to give a Damn about the players just the cash we brought them. So id have No Problem playing an IGG game again aslong as they work on that 1 thing!

  10. I the on thing i wanna know is the graphics and how the will look because im really looking foward to this game sense im a DarkEden player that game is about vamps and slayers and some other weird class i dont like and the graphics suck! lolz.And what type of character custom will it have and all of does details.

    p.s It should be based like underworld but with absolutly no aliance so it can be more interesting and fun >:)
    think about it be able to walk around and jump out of noware and kill your pray then disapear again that would be sooo cool.

  11. I think that this would be so cool if it was like Underworld. That is my favorite Vampire/Lycan movie series out there

    Imma pwn as a werewolf

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