More Details on Upcoming Age of Conan Solo Instances


Tired of questing in Hyboria but don’t have the time or patience to join raids? Well, Funcom is giving you an alternative by introducing several new solo instances in Age of Conan, which are part of the 2.1 content patch due out in the next few months.

Funcom game designers divulged the secrets of these solo instances in the latest Age of Conan development update, starting with designer Peter Lavoie Massicotte who described how the Refuge of the Apostate will give all level 80 players a rewarding and repeatable challenge. Meanwhile, designer Tim Gottschalk talked about the two auto content generation dungeons that will be scalable in difficult for level 40 to 80 players.

Read on for more spoilers on the difficulty, lockouts and loot found in each solo instance.

“We wanted to provide a challenge for solo players, that wasn’t just a case of beating down on some mobs and the occasional boss… There are three unique encounters, although one is more an area than a person or a mob… and it should take around thirty to forty minutes to complete,” said Mr. Massicotte.

He added that the dungeon will have a twenty-hour lockout will offer esteem tokens and “up to a dozen Marks of Acclaim.” The final boss fight also drops at least one Rare trophy for each successful clear, with the possibility of a second one dropping randomly.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gottschalk revealed that the two auto content generation (ACG) dungeons planned for level 40 to 80 players will even have three repeatable quests inside.

The first scalable ACG dungeon is The Breach, which will require players to disrupt an overeager Hyrkanian from attacking Khitai. “It is a really cool location because, while it is an instance, it is an outdoor type of area. I think that allows for some nice variation, as it isn’t an interior location as you find in the other solo instances,” Mr. Gottschalk adds.

The second ACG dungeon called The Forgotten City takes players to a buried city plagued with restless, long-forgotten souls. Like the end-game solo instance, both ACG dungeons will have three boss encounters as well.

With no party mates to back you up, these upcoming Age of Conan solo instances should test how well you know your class and provide respite for when outdoor questing becomes too monotonous.


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