More Guild Wars 2 PvP Talk – No GvG Re-Confirmed

Gamescom has officially ended, but there’s still plenty of information coming out and today we have even more info on Guild Wars 2 PvP system, this time via Ten Ton Hammer as they interview ArenaNet Lead Designer Eric Flannum.

Most of the interview talks about the Conquest PvP demo shown at Gamescom, however there were some questions about World vs World and Guild vs Guild which reveal new details.

World vs World PvP

World vs World PvP matches will run for 2 weeks at a time running 24/7 and will be open to as many players as ArenaNet can ultimately fit onto a server.

It’s basically this giant strategy game with four really big maps, keep sieges, supply lines and all kinds of strategy. At the same time there are mobs for people to kill if they want to, and you can XP up from level 1 all the way to level 80 in World vs. World.

World vs World will match up servers every two weeks based on their win/lost ration.  So if a server is undefeated and another has never won, they won’t get matched up. Currently there are also no plans for any kind of seasons in regards to World vs World PvP, however if there is a demand for it, that could be something that is added in the future.

Guild vs Guild PvP

When asked about GvG, Flannum confirmed what Jon Peters has stated in a previous interview that Guild Wars 2 would not have Guild vs Guild PvP.

No, that’s one thing that is a pretty big departure. The reason we didn’t want to do it is that even in guild vs. guild in Guild Wars 1, we found that what we had to do is create a lot of systems to circumvent that. It was just really hard to get that many people all from the same guild on at any given time.

What we’ve said instead is that our guilds are going to be about building social networks, and if there is a group of people that are the hardcore PvP guys they’re all going to be in the same guild anyway so that’s OK. And they’re going to register as a team, and be known as the team from a specific guild and build up a reputation. And then that gives them the flexibility that if they want to have a top team along with a team 2 and team 3, they can do that kind of thing. So we wanted to disassociate the two things.

Now in World vs. World there are things like guild keep claiming, so you will claim a keep that your world has conquered, and your guild can claim that and fly their banners, they can upgrade it, spend resources, and do all kinds of stuff.

So there you have it, no GvG, but World vs World is sounding better and better the more info that’s released about it. Who else is excited?


  1. That sounds fair to me. They aren’t really taking much away, just taking it and putting it somewhere else to make it easier.

  2. Worst thing they could have done. Only thing going for this game was the gvg, no point in buying it now and i won’t be (much to my dissapointment). Can’t see this beating wow either with no true competitive mode. Essentially all we have is battlgrounds and that sucks big time.

    Casuals ruin another game, time to find a new hobby i think, preferebly one where everyone isnt a winner.

  3. This will mean that every time someone reads the title of their game, ArenaNet is lying to them. :(

    There’s going to be a lot of backlash from this.

  4. You do understand World vs. World = Just a big “Achievement” board for guilds, and absolutley no pvp online, you vs another player, content. This = HAH in your face dumb GW fans who keep thinking GW is an MMORPG! IT IS A SINGLE PLAYER RPG WITH MULTIPLAYER ASPECTS!

  5. For those who think they are eliminating the whole concept of the game ‘Guild Wars’ is completely wrong… In fact, by allowing this more open world PvP, it makes Guild vs. Guild combat more realistic.

    Allied Guilds from all three worlds will actually be fighting against their enemies for control over points, rather than lining up to fight them in a more ‘Sport’ based gaming situation, whilst gaining reputation for the accomplishments they make.

    You should really consider all the ideas ArenaNet are trying to put across before you make stupid accusations like that.

  6. @Ohboll
    Just because there is not a specific match that is dedicated to guilds does not mean that your guild cannot be on a team. Read next time. The interview clearly shows that the reason for the gvg elimination is because of it’s lack of success in GW1. I feel like I am restating what is in the article.

    “The reason we didn’t want to do it is that even in guild vs. guild in Guild Wars 1, we found that what we had to do is create a lot of systems to circumvent that.”

    But what about the people who enjoyed playing on a team with their guild?

    “if there is a group of people that are the hardcore PvP guys they’re all going to be in the same guild anyway so that’s OK.”

    God, it feels kinda silly to be quoting sections of such a short article.
    Arenanet is not a new company, and you know that. Their staff has been in the gaming business since before the founding of Triforge, Inc. They have a lot of experience under their belt. I am going to say it right now, They Know What They Are Doing.

    Besides, “Guild Wars” is not only a homage to the Pvp format, the title also lends itself to the lore of Tyria.

    Next time you troll an article, make sure you bring an argument that isn’t this easy to laugh at.

    (Side note: What you call the “Casual Player” is one of Arenanet’s major source of income. Don’t say they are ruining a game, when they are the reason it can be made.)

  7. I think they aren’t selling it right – if your guild can take keeps and other guilds can attack, then they have moved away from just one guild fights one other guild.

    And they are right on the numbers – even wow started shying away from 40 man raids for those reasons. It’s possibly a very small demographic to design for – perhaps some indie developers will take up that niche, instead?

  8. This sounds absolutely awesome to me. It will turn a server into one big guild, with everyone cooperating and fighting back to back to defeat other “big guilds”.

  9. What ive seen so far looks great, WvW sounds great, looking forward to seeing it in action & see how it works.

    GvG would be nice but I think theres plenty going on here to keep me happy, casual battlegrounds and an open 24hr PvP zone, amazing looking PvE and no subs – even without GvG I personally cannot see this game failing.

    One happy camper here.

  10. GvG did not have much success as a separate function. Anet opted for more versatility with WvW.
    And from the looks of it, you can even use Structured PvP for your guild battles, as well as WvW.

  11. LAME this now sounds like WoW which is slow, boring and LAAAAAAAME, looks like GW has given up on being a fast paced competitive PvP game and gone down a different route.

  12. The Guild Wars doesn’t refer to gvg combat. It refers to a historical period of history in the first Guild Wars game called the Guild Wars. The Guild Wars were fought between the three human kingdoms over so many years, the human kingdoms weakened themselves enough to make themselves easy targets for the charr to retake their land. If you think that Guild Wars is betraying it’s name because they don’t have GvG you don’t know much about Guild Wars.

    As for the PVP options themselves, anyone who says its slow and boring without playing it (or understanding the combat dynamics), is simply showing their ignorance. Everyone who’s played the game says it’s fast paced. It’s a game of movement and positioning. It’s a game with dodging. Almost all skills, and even weapon swaps, can be done on the fly. There’s not even an energy pool to slow you down any more.

    5v5 competitive PVP will be much like GvG was. Most of the top 5v5 teams in GvG will be from the top guilds. Why people need to have the actual NAME GvG is just silly to me. I guess everyone wants to judge the game before playing it.

  13. I totally agree ohboll and Ryan. It’s a real disappointment for me. Anyway, i understand arena motivation that want to attract casual players. WvW is not competitive enough and i afraid of probable big lags during game. It will be without me. GvG is realy efficient,the evidence is the korean players who played GvG during 3 yea

  14. its a huge disappointment. World vs world is a casual pvp based game. . its low skilled based bar, which everyone and anyone can do, no matter how bad you are… us pvper’s like to show our skill, we want there to be winners, we want there to be losers. this world vs world bs is lame, hundreds of people spammin there skills at eachother, its basically Allaince battles from the original guildwars. GvG from the original guild wars was much more comptetive, more exciting, more rewarding. we want to show our skill as a single player. sure GW2 will be an awesome role playing game. but npc’s are only so challenging… bare bones person vs person to see whos the best is what takes skill. thats what drives me to play, to be better than someone else and be rewarded for it. thats PvP. not this WvW bs, so why does GW2 going to have any pvp if not have REAL PVP

  15. No GvG sucks, you know why? let me put this in a simple format… I want to kill scums and noobs so they rage quit, and get afraid when they see my guild name, and say to each other WOW man you know this guys are insane no one has beat them yet! a guild that will rule the server, a guild that will only accept pros and people that spend most of the time in-game… if you play, play properly….

    if anyone thinks other way, there is no point of playing, I play games to be and try to be the best… not have fun jumping around, BEST GEAR BEST TALENTS, AND BIG AMOUNT OF SKILL… thats what every MMO RPG should be like…

    1999-2003 or so Play cs to be CPL or wait to play in CPL… or wait Be pro like Heaton and fOrestwOw all about clan!

    2004-2011 or so Play WoW to be rank 1 in all arena brackets be known as Hydra, Flynn, icematics or any other fucking pro…

    2012? Guildwars 2 hrm… HAVE FUN and be GAY…. where is this game can take me? make money? hrm maybe if I sell account with level 80 but wait why I need a level 80 when I can just join PvP and have all I want… bring BACK GvG and make it as hard as possible gear skill talents spells EVERYTHING must be best and in right order!
    Fuk all who will say uuuuu its all about the story line… yes I play games to be famous and to make money… Make a Game that will make you a celebrity in the GAME or even Outside the Game!!!!! so when people see me in guildbattle they run or quit the fucking game, and say things like uuuu he cheats or uuu this game is not balanced…. ur skill is not balanced…

    Guildwars 2 should have better pvp system then 4 hours ques to a WvW…. and WvW is bullshit because you don’t get adrenaline in your blood like you do in wow ARENA or vs 1.6 clan match… just another spam of buttons…

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