Mythos: Another Look

I was recently asked what I was playing since I had recently posted that I was contemplating giving LOTRO another shot. I’m glad to announce that I did not give in to LOTRO. Thankfully a friendly visitor of MMOCrunch sent me an invite to the Mythos beta which I have been playing in most of my free time. Geoff did a early Mythos preview about 2 weeks ago up to level 10, so I’ll just skip over the list of features the game offers and get right to my opinion of the game.

When I say this is a Diablo 2 clone, it really is almost exactly the same game, but with a 3D engine, different storyline and obviously being a MMO. The fact that it was so similar to Diablo 2 was something that I actually didn’t like when I first started playing. I mean D2 is nearly 8 yrs old, so for this game to come out with only a few new features is a big disappointment. I know its not D3, but considering that a few ex-blizzard developers are working on this I was expecting more. We’ll I can’t be that harsh, after all it’s still in beta so who knows, maybe they are still planning on adding more features.

Aside from being almost the same game as D2, the game is fun. D2 was hugely popular because it was fun and addictive and Mythos tries to capitalize on this by turning this type of game play into a MMO. Will they succeed? Honestly I don’t think so, there just isn’t enough new things in the game to separate it from Diablo 2. However I can see this game easily becoming my backup MMO if it takes the route of becoming a F2P MMO. I also think they need to add PvP in the game, forget hardcore mode and perm death, harcore mode should be free range PvP. Seriously, I’d rather get killed 10 times in a row by some prick then watch my lev 78 mage die a permanent death because the game lagged for 3 sec.

Thankfully the game is still in beta so this is not the last you’ll hear of Mythos from us. Hopefully they’ll continue to enhance the game and improve on what it already there. Go PVP!!

Btw, my character is a lev 15 fire mage, w00t!


  1. I thought the hardcore mode in Diablo2 was the best thing in it – makes it feel you actually achieve something with the characters. Sure, you may lose your character in a lag spike or if your connection goes down, but that’s life… and I’m not sure it ever happened to me, and D2 lagged a lot at times.

    I think it also keeps you playing longer – you can’t just easily maximize everything by throwing playtime at it, there’s actually some challenge in it :).

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