Mythos Beta Update

Well its been quite some time since we’ve posted about our favorite Diablo 2 clone turn MMORPG, Mythos. Today I received a newsletter update covering the latest patch and there are some BIG changes, BIG! For one PvP is back! Players will be able to attack players anywhere, including towns, and have a Anarchy rating which determines how many items you drop if someone kills you. If you have a low rating and are killed, you drop 1 random item. However if you decide to be a dick and slaughter a bunch of low level players your rating goes up, meaning the next time your killed, you’ll drop more than 1 item. So be nice to the noobs. If you don’t have the stomach for PvP, dueling has been added so you can fight without the fear of losing any of your precious items.

Along with PvP a new race has been added along with a third zone with new quests, monsters and towns. Crafting has also been revamped with hundreds of recipes, harvestable ingredients, ingredient refinement, a full Crafting skill tree.

If you want to full details of the patch, check it out at the all new Mythos site.

I haven’t played Mythos in a few months as I had a hard drive failure and never reinstalled the game once I got a new drive, but I’m currently downloading it so tomorrow you can bet I’ll be hacking and slashing it up on the PvP server. For those of you who haven’t been able to get into the Beta you might be in luck soon.

“If Zone 3 goes well, we could be looking at an Open Beta release in the near future.”


  1. Just one thing to point out, you access the pvp part of the game by entering the Shadowlands, which is a mirrored instance of the pve world with pvp enabled. If you don’t want to worry about being ganked and losing your precious loot you don’t have to — going to Shadowlands is completely optional.

  2. Doesn’t that sound a lot like Trammel/Felucca from UO?
    Granted, I have never heard of Mythos before I read this post, and I could be way off base, but it sounds remarkably similar.

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