Mythos Returning Soon, Closed Beta Signups Live (for Europe)

The greatest property to come out of the Flagship Studios train wreck was never even released. Mythos, a dungeon-crawling MMOG originally developed by Flagship Studios Seattle, was beloved by most beta testers. And that’s no surprise, as it was designed by Travis Baldree, whom went on to make FATE and Torchlight. When Flagship Studios imploded after the failure of Hellgate: London, the Mythos property was awarded to HanbitSoft, an investor and publisher.

HanbitSoft promised to finish the title and launch it as a free-to-play dungeon crawler. It appears that the promise has almost been kept. European gamers can now sign-up for the closed beta. No word on North American sign-ups.

If you’re in Europe and ever loved Diablo, Titan Quest ($6!) or Torchlight, you’d be remiss not to put your name in the drawing.