N.E.O Online Now Live

N.E.O Online, the free-to-play MMORPG by PlayOMG, has officially released. What’s unique about N.E.O Online, is that the game lets players change the environments and in-game actions by simply interacting with them. Anyone interested in the game can download it right now and login with their PlayOMG/Facebook/Yahoo/Myspace account information. Along with the N.E.O’s release, the item mall opened simultaneously, giving players the chance to customize their avatars in unique ways. Details about the game are available below.

In NEO Online, you don’t have to stick with ONE occupation while playing, unlike all other existing online games. While most games force players to stay within the same occupation throughout the game, NEO Online lets you continue to earn skills through upgrading your level without sticking to ONE Occupation. Players can acquire and utilize items and skills without any restriction upon their occupations. A player can become a warrior with a sword, a wizard or a wizard-warrior using both sword and magic.

Level doesn’t necessarily represent the strength of each character. The freedom to develop your character enables everyone to create their own unique character according to personal preferences. Based on how player distribute capacity points to raise attributes, skills that have been learn, grade of fair stones, and how fair stones are reinforced and appraised, each character will be able to develop its own advantages and irreplaceable value.