Nadirim: "And the tale begins…"

As we told you some days ago, Nadirim is about to begin the closed beta phase next December 8th. Some games simply announce the event and then let you play the beta once it’s launched but, Nadirim has prepared a very original way to inspire you and let you become familiar with the storyline of the game.

From now, everyone can go to the official website and play the text-based game “And the tale begins…”, learning all you need to know about the story of Nadirim, before the beta begins. The game tells the prequel of Nadirim, letting you experience the lore story interactively.

If you’re interested, just go to the official game site, and enjoy this text-based game, very similar to the “choose-your-path” old fantasy novels, where you have to decide what you do as you advance into the story.