NCsoft Announces Exteel's Unfortunate End

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Attention all Exteel players, as of this moment every single one of you should currently be logging into to Exteel to play your hearts out.  I’m asking all of you to do this because it is my job to regretfully inform you that as of yesterday, NCsoft announced that they would permanently be shutting down all official Exteel servers on September 1st.  NCsoft also tells us that this is a global shut down and will not just effect the American servers.  Players will no longer be able to purchase NCcoins from the online store or use any purchased game time cards to convert into NCcoins.  If you already own a time card for NCcoin purposes, then NCsoft sends you their apologies but reminds you that you are still able to use that card on any NCsoft title to redeem game time.

If you currently have NCcoins applied to your account then you are encouraged to go spend them as fast as possible to get your moneys worth of Exteel armor and weapons.  No refunds will be given for any unspent coins on your account. If there is a good side to all of this, NCsoft has stated that they will provide players with a late August event where all items will be available for just 1 credit!  So if you feel like making the ultimate mech warrior before the game closes down, save all those unspent coins to prepare yourself for the closing event.  NCsoft understands that there are many dedicated Exteel fans and explains that is was a very difficult decision to make.  The choice to close Exteel came down to one thing, and one thing only, and that was business.  The decision unfortunately is a depressing one, but all Exteel fans are encouraged to get into the game and enjoy it while you still can.

For the official announcement and more click here.


  1. Exteel was honestly the best fun i’ve ever had in an online game, not even consoles played online can match to how unique exteel was. Sure its just a third person mech game, but it had its own inspiration; kind of like playing a gundam game where you hope to be a badass guy like in the animes. oh well, it was a good run. (spent 1543 hours on exteel, lol)

  2. i played this game a while back… i miss all the forum members. the school bus guy, the really cynical guy… i wish they had kept the forums open

  3. So lame to see that a gaming compainy only give’s a shit about Money,This is 1 of the main reassons why exteel got shutted down,How the hell could you do that?!,IT WAS THE BEST MECH GAME WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!

  4. To be fare money is what makes the world go round. It is still a little odd, considering it can’t cost that much to run even a few servers. I could have understood a cut back on servers but I was surprised it is a total shutdown. I remember just a year ago going into target and seeing the exteel gift cards.

  5. Me too. I want Exteel back. I would pay 10 $ a month just to play Exteel again. I hope there will be an Exteel 2 with better graphics by a other publisher…

    R.I.P. Exteel

  6. It would be great 4 everyone if there are Donors and sponsors of Exteel that would helped them solve their financial problems. I think because the Exteel team focuses on the improvement of the game and forgot to think in their finances. But I wish Exteel will be re-launched

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