Neverwinter Dev Blog: Artifacts

f69cb7cee5698ede38444faffd699c731408467340Like some artifacts with your D&D? If you said yes, you’re not alone. The positive response to the introduction of artifacts encouraged the devs to improve and expand upon the system. In the newest dev blog, senior systems designer Ken “Graalx3” Burd explains the improvement and additions to artifacts in Neverwinter.

Tyranny of Dragons introduces main hand weapon and belt artifacts. There are initially 6 belts added to the game, and 3 weapons for each class for a total of 21 new weapons. Their base power level is akin to top level items in Fury of Feywild, and they only increase in power from there. Sounds awesome! Now I just need to get my new warlock to endgame to test these badboys out…

They do work a little differently than already existing artifacts, however. Instead of taking enchantments, these new artifacts are upgraded via gear. Anything that has a level 60 requirement and can be equipped can be used for refinement points, although using items for the same slot as the artifact in question will grant double the points. They accept enchantment and artifact refining stones, and as they are their own new category, a new type of refining stone that grants x5 rp will be introduced.

Belts call back to items of old such as the Girdle of Giant Strength – the 6 belts boost the 6 stats. Weapons not only have high base damage and statistics, but they improve at will powers as well. The three weapons for each class correspond to the 3 non-paragon path at wills. Sounds pretty cool to me!

The blog closes with the note that further development depends upon feedback – if these new artifacts are received as well as the previous ones, they will continue to add and expand to the system. So send in your responses, they’re listening!

Interested in learning more? Read the full dev blog, or chat on the official Neverwinter forums.

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