Neverwinter Dev Blog: Events

Neverwinter really does look like it’s shaping up to be an interesting game. Currently I’m very interested in the Foundry, the system of user generated content that it shares with Star Trek Online, but this morning’s Event Dev Blog looks like it could be cool as well. Not content with what’s already on offer, Cryptic continues to seek out bold news ways of capturing players’ attentions. They’ve touched upon two event types here; contents and instanced events.

You may find yourself fighting off hordes of orcs attempting to claim control of a special location in the zone, in a “horde mode” type event.

Who doesn’t love fighting off hordes of monsters? Sign me up! Assault style quests are my favorites, there’s nothing quite so satisfying as cutting a swatch through hordes of orcs and goblins. Actually, I’m really a rogue at heart, I should say there’s nothing quite so satisfying as stealth stabbing hordes of orcs and goblins as they swarm my teammates. But whether you’re tanking it out, healing the guy tanking it out, or dishing out immense amounts of destruction, who doesn’t love slaughtering wave after wave of baddies?

Also in the offering are contests that don’t require instancing, designed so they can be completed actively if you want to focus on the event in question, or passively if you want to continue what you’re doing and join in if you should happen to wander past an objective. Examples of contests include hunting out ancient relics or killing off particular monsters.

Of course, it’s important that players can actually find events, and Cryptic hasn’t forgotten that part of the game. There are several ways to find them, like a list attached to the minimap and an ingame calender. Read the blog to learn more!

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