New AskMrRobot Features: How to Spend Valor, Elder Charms, and More!

Ask Mr. Robot has been a great site for WoW character optimization for years. Many players have used it as their de facto gearing advise tool; every spec of every class has cutting-edge theorycrafting formulas built into an easy-to-use web interface. And if you disagree with some of their stat weights or caps, you can tweak away to your heart’s content. With the site in perfect working order since the launch of Mists of Pandaria, Mr. Robot (and his coder friends) has been hard at work on some features that have won my heart and made it as frequent a stop for me as WoWHead and WoWPedia.

My current favorite is the new “find upgrades” feature. It has multiple options: in one, you choose a currency from a dropdown menu (valor, justice, honor, conquest) and it tells you which items you can buy (or which items you have to upgrade) for the biggest improvement. Even better, you can sort by “most cost effective”, which weights the upgrades by their cost. It really helps squeeze out the best value of your hard-earned Valor (and other points) and takes a lot of guesswork out of choosing between multiple, hard-to-compare options (like upgrading an item, buying a cheap item, or saving up for a big upgrade).

A similar tool in “find upgrades” gives you recommendations on which bosses to spend your Elder Charms of Good Fortune on to get the biggest upgrades. Other menus advise which dungeons contain the most and best upgrades, as well as the BoE and crafted loot that will be the best upgrades for your character.

Looks like I have some reforging to do...

Once you actually have some gear you want to tinker with, you can download the addon to upload your bag contents to the site and have Mr. Robot pick out the best combination. Since it takes into account item modifications like reforging and enchanting (unless you tell it not to for one or more items), it can choose the perfect combination to get you to critical values of your secondary stats, like the hit cap. The “optimize” button will then take your gear and tell you the optimal way to gem, reforge, and enchant. It even makes a tidy shopping list so you can price out materials for yourself.

Finding upgrades in dungeons is a breeze!

Most of these features require a premium membership to the site, which costs $12 a year. You can trial the premium features for a week before having to sign up, but for only a $1 per month, I think it is well worth it to subscribe.


  1. This is what I feel is the downside of MMORPG gaming, there are no surprises – there is no discovery or exploring anymore everything is laid out for us and you have to make use of “spoilers”.
    If you’re a certain class its all fed to us on a plate where to go and what to get.
    Want to do a dungeon? You need to have read up on it, know whats coming and know how to deal with it.
    Want to join up with a group? You need to download the latest addons that tell you when to press a key, when to stop attacking, and be geared up in a specific way or you cannot go.
    and I know the arguements “If you don’t want to use the aids you dont have to …” but its not true – if you dont use them you dont get to join a group these days.
    Theres nothing that can be done about it – its the nature of the beast whilst there are groups playing theres going to be guides and tips and “spoilers” and programs to make things simpler. but the thrill of exploring a new world isnt what it should be.
    It just seems to be that MMOs are getting to the point where players are not playing the game so much, they are just going to where a website tells them to go them pressing a button when their add on tells them to.

    Am I the only one that feels this way?

  2. I felt this way with MoP. My wife & I spent a lot of time learning things on our own, and were very upset when people hit 90 after us, got things we wanted before us, because they found the shortcuts from a website. We felt compelled to go to the websites to catch up to people when we were AHEAD of them.

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