New BioWare MMO to be in Starwars Universe?!

Primotechnology has an article about a rumor that a new MMORPG based in the Starwars universe is in the works by BioWare.   The story says that this new MMORPG will be based in KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic), which was release in 2003 and later followed up with a sequel.  Having played both KOTOR and Starwars Galaxies I’m definitely excited about BioWare making this game cause seriously Starwars Galaxies sucked.  If this is indeed true I’m sure it will be welcomed news to all Starwars fans who are looking to play a good MMORPG.  My only worry is that since EA has recently acquired BioWare they might stick there noses in there and mess it up.  But I trust BioWare, there good people.