New Bounty Bay Expansion Coming in July

The pirate MMORPG Bounty Bay Online is getting a new expansion this summer, sometime in July which will introduce new ships, lands and adventures.  While the last expansion Atlantis focused more on land battles,while this new expansion will bring changes to the high seas.  Players can choose from 3 new ships and can engage the Spanish Armada in a new sea battle. Led by Spanish Admiral Medina Sidiona, in the sea battle of Cravelines, players must combat a mighty naval convoy consisting of gunboats, cruisers, and destroyers, as well as gigantic battleships. As a final challenge, they must then confront the practically insurmountable flagship of Admiral Medina Sidiona.

To give players a chance at victory three new types of ammunition will be added that can temporarily incapacitate opponents, inflict particularly severe damage, and negatively affect the accuracy of enemy cannons.  In addition the new Ship Improvement System has been added which allows players to vastly improve their ship’s stats through the use of powerful special items.