New Content Comes to Combat Arms

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Nexon’s free to play Combat Arms is getting some new content people!  So take your guns in hand and head on over to the game as soon a possible.  This new content update is entitled Operation: Sector 25, and it’s bringing a whole lot to the table.  This new update includes brand new weapons, a whole new zone for you to score you fabulous head shots in, and a referral program that rewards players for inviting friends.

The games new zone is called, you guessed it, Sector 25.  This level takes place in a massive laboratory with long halls and many passages to traverse.   This is a great map for things like having massive shoot-outs in the maps most inner room, or running a flag down the level’s dangerously long corridors.  It’s going to require great team work and effort to be the one to succeed in here.

Even if you think you aren’t strong enough to tackle this new map alone, there are plenty of new weapons and modifications to help you out.  The newly added weapons include the Ultimax 100 machine gun (a powerful weapon that’s great for mowing down groups of enemies), the DSR-1 (a portable sniper rifle that is extremely effective when preforming hit and runs) , the M416 CQB (a magnificent assault rifle that can be found in supply cases), and the new HDR/HP vision gauge (an add-on that allows you to view other players kill to death ratio and remaining hit points) .  Not only have weapons been added, but a new ballistic helmet has been added to the shop to prevent players from being sent home in a body bag.

Now for the players that want a little more bang for their buck (wait…the game is free), you can utilize the recruit a friend program that is going on from now until August 25th.  For every friend you recruit to play Combat Arms, you will receive bonuses and in game rewards.  If your friends happen to stay until they hit the rank of sergeant, then you will receive free GP and loyalty rewards!

All this sounds pretty sweet huh?  For the latest Combat Arms news click here, and remember to keep up to date on all MMO news at

To finish off, here is a video fly through of Sector 25 and some new screen shots that feature the updated gear.

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