New Core Blaze Details + Gameplay Footage

New information has been released today about Gamania’s upcoming action MMO, Core Blaze, via the Gamania Game Show in Taiwan as well as a new gameplay video.

As I’m not very familiar with what information has been released so far, I decided to just list all the key points of the press release, so don’t get mad at me if I listed something that wasn’t new.

  • Core Blase will fully support gamepads and was designed to support them from the start of development.
  • Players will be able to use any weapons with their character, potentially mastering all four styles, sword/shield, great sword, dual blade and long bow.
  • Quests will vary depending on time, weather and the players progress. For example an area might be┬áinaccessible when it’s sunny out, but when it starts to rain and the river water rises, players will be able to reach the area.
  • Core Blaze is set for release in Asian territories in 2012 while North America has not been determined yet.

Below you can see some gameplay footage of Core Blaze that demonstrates some of the quests that vary depending on the weather.