New Details About the Steampunk World of Argo Online

ARGO Online, the Hybrid MMORPG developed by burda:ic, is offering now more details about the Steampunk World it features. A world marked by the constant need of Earthdium, the most precious mineral in the universe, will hold all the players, once the game comes out.

Two different philosophies prevail in ARGO, and they represent the classical fight between the ones that think technology and advancement will save humankind, against who claim a more natural way of life provided by the Earth itself. As players, everyone will have to choose from a faction following these opposing ideals, known as Noblians and Floresslah, though their goal is the same: Earthdium and surviving.

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Earthdium is the main resource. It affects characters, as helps offensive and defensive abilities, it’s used as fuel for powering mechanisms and other important things in-game. Though can be acquired through many ways, looks like combat and quests will be the best way.

ARGO Online will feature:

20 huge dungeons to delve into.
80 different territories to explore.
3,600 quests to be undertaken in a steampunk-fantasy world.
10,000 non-player characters (NPCs) for players to speak with on their travels.

You can go and read more information about these new details about ARGO Online at the official website. Remember this game should be available in North America and Europe in early this year.

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