New Fallen Earth Developers Named; Blood Sports Patch Dated

The new mutation of Graboids! Find a rock!

It’s taken the company a few weeks, but Fallen Earth finally has a replacement in line for the departing Lee Hammock.  My main gripe of Fallen Earth’s most recent State of the Game address was that the company didn’t layout any restructuring plans.  It was just a goodbye, brush-it-under-the-table, nothing-to-see-here mention.  Now players can finally rest easy knowing that someone (actually, it seems like two people) will replace the Lead Game Designer.

Fallen Earth announced not one, but four position changes for the development stuff.  All of which come from within the company and have been a part of it for at least three years.  Basically, they know the game as well as anyone.

  • Wes Platt – Director of Content Development
  • Marie Croall – Senior Game Designer (closest replacement for Hammock)
  • Greg Roth – Senior Systems Designer
  • Josh Peery – Content Team Lead (the backup)

Marie and Wes will be available for a little one-on-many dev chat next Tuesday, April 29, at 3:00 PM EST via Twitter.

During the creation of this very post I received an e-mail from Fallen Earth with more exciting news.  The Blood Sports patch, v1.4 which we previewed during PAX East, will be going live on May 7.  It’ll include four PvP areas, 500+ achievements, the Clan Wars system, a huge new sub-sector called Deadfall and the Blight Wolf Mount.

Check out the preview for the full details on Patch v1.4.