New Premium “Winged Lion” Flying Mount to Sell on Blizzard Store

Put away those Sparkle Ponies and get ready for the next mount you’ll be tired of seeing two days later! Blizzard posted a picture of their next $2 million+ payday to the official WarCraft Facebook page just a short time ago. The flying feline you see below comes complete with voluminous glowing wings, light-bathed footpads, and a mane made of cresting flames behind the head.

Judging by the background, I imagine this premium mount should hit the Blizzard Store around the time that 4.1 is released (5-man Troll-themed content), though no clues as to what it may cost or whether or not it has any cool, custom animations (I’m going to guess no, based on previous experience).

And assuming that the subject is still in our hearts and minds when it arrives, I eagerly await the controversial threads asking why Blizzard isn’t donating some (or all) of the proceeds to the natural disaster victims in Japan. As well as the counter-arguments that “you don’t have to pay for it if you don’t want to!” ┬áBoth of which are already showing up in the comments on Facebook.

I don’t think they’ll ever live the Pandaren Monk debacle down.


  1. They opened up the store for the make a wish foundation about with the second set of pets they made, so it wasn’t just the monk that they did this with.

    Personally I think they should donate a % to a foundation at all times, just put them in a rotation or something. It would be a great PR move for a company that is in cahoots with a company that is in dire need of great PR.

  2. Yeah, but it did start with the Monk, and I’m afraid it’s something they’re going to have to confront every time they try to introduce premium content from here on out. It was just a really bad precedent to set.

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